Frozen yogurt

Το Louyo frozen yogurt είναι χειροποίητο και φτιάχνεται στο δικό μας χώρο.

Louyo frozen yogurt is 100% hand-made in our own store area. It is prepared of Greek yogurt and milk, without powder additions, and only with fresh raw materials, meaning strained yogurt 2% fat and pasteurized milk 1,5% fat.

Louyo frozen yogurt has rich and delicious flavour, although it is low in fat and contains no crystal sugar. It’s indeed an incredibly tasty temptetion, but not fattening, and can be safely consumed by adults and children. Just taste it!

On daily basis fresh and healthy frozen yogurt is prepared and available on 6 different flavors.
Classic, Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla Madagascar.

You’ll also find two more flavours changing between 
Blueberry, Chios mastic, lemon, cherry, kiwi and peanut.

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